Feedback Friday: Giving Thanks?


Just like they did it back then.

Yesterday morning my son’s kindergarten class celebrated Thanksgiving a week early, by reenacting the ceremonial feast between the Pilgrims and the Indians.

I, was fortunate enough to bear witness to this adorable little event where by which, the kids sat down for a historically accurate feast of goldfish and mini muffins followed by songs of turkey worship and thanks.

The kid’s electrifying performance of that old classic; I’m Thankful For My Friends At School most certainly warmed my heart, but it also got me thinking about gratitude and wondering just how thankful my 5 year old really is.

Like most parents, I have taught my children to say thank you and despite the fact that I have to remind them every so often, they have basically mastered that skill. But saying thank you is certainly not the same as being thankful and I am reminded of that reality every time my son thanks me for his iPad then immediately throws a temper tantrum  because the WiFi is slow. [Read more…]

Feedback Friday: The Mom Uniform


Those pearls wouldn’t last a minute in a bouncy house with my kids.

Earlier this week I made the rather heartbreaking decision to retire my yoga pants because, as stated in my post entitled: Yoga Pants & Prescription Pills, they had become the dominant piece in my lazy mom uniform. This difficult, albeit necessary, decision forced me to re-assess mommy style as a whole, and actually got me thinking about how drastically our uniform, lazy or not, has changed over the years.

Take for example, the quintessential 50’s mom, June Cleaver. Her impeccably tailored house dress and matching apron was, from what I understand, a fairly accurate representation of motherhood for the time and what I would consider her uniform.  Compare that to a head-to-toe velour sweat suit with the word “pink” across the ass and you can see just how much we’ve evolved, or how far we’ve fallen, depending on your opinion of sweats. [Read more…]

Feedback Friday: The Halloween Dilemma

Scan 3

Halloween Circa 1983. Just a couple of witches.

As admitted yesterday in my exceptionally classy post Porn For Parents?, I have had an ass full of Halloween crap over the past few weeks as a result of my more aggressive approach to social media.

In addition to all of the crafts and activities, an issue that has been discussed at length amongst my favorite blogs is the tradition of Trick or Treating and how the institution for some people, is, and has been for quite some time, evolving into something entirely different from when we were kids. [Read more…]

Feedback Friday: Should Chivalry Be Dead?

feminism-1Lately, I have been reading a lot online about gender roles and the effect that feminism has had on the way that we raise our kids. The more I read about it, the more I realize that although I consider myself a fierce member of Beyonce’s crew of Independent Ladies, I find myself confused about how to properly apply that to the raising of my kids. [Read more…]

Feedback Friday: The Naked Issue


Nothing says Family Fun like a shower.

Earlier today as I was sorting through a drawer of my son’s pre-school art, I came across an old Valentine’s Day card that he had made for my husband and I.  On the front was your standard, run of the mill hearts & such, but inside was an adorable little message.  His teacher had apparently asked all of the kids “what is your favorite thing to do with your parents?” My son’s answer, which she was compelled to put in writing, was “shower with them”.   [Read more…]