Feedback Friday: The Halloween Dilemma

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Halloween Circa 1983. Just a couple of witches.

As admitted yesterday in my exceptionally classy post Porn For Parents?, I have had an ass full of Halloween crap over the past few weeks as a result of my more aggressive approach to social media.

In addition to all of the crafts and activities, an issue that has been discussed at length amongst my favorite blogs is the tradition of Trick or Treating and how the institution for some people, is, and has been for quite some time, evolving into something entirely different from when we were kids.

For example, some parents who feel safety in their neighborhood is an issue, are choosing to Trunk or Treat.  An activity similar to tailgating at a football game, families drive their decorated cars to an empty parking lot usually donated by the community or a church, and kids travel from trunk to trunk filling their bags with candy.

For others, it’s the candy that they take issue with and for them, they chose to broker a deal with their children. Cash for candy is one of the more popular options for those parents who want to minimize the calorie intake and the potential for cavities.

Reading about all of this made me think back on my childhood and what I remember of our Halloween traditions.  Like most of the authors of these blogs, I began to reminisce and frankly, long for that simpler time. A time where we could roam the streets in the dark begging for candy without any real fear or interference from our parents. A time where once our pillowcase or plastic pumpkin runneth over, we would return home for the obligatory razor blade check and promptly gorge on candy until we slipped into a Snickers induced coma.  Because that’s what Halloween is all about.  Right?

So the question for today is:  How does Halloween for your kids compare to your childhood Halloweens?  Do you fight to keep the tradition of Trick or Treating alive, or are you the type of parent who is saying ‘no’ to your kids wandering the neighborhood in search of candy and essentially redefining what Halloween is all about?  



  1. Lisa says

    I think it’s a fun tradition. Our kids enjoy it so we will continue on with it until they don’t. Major difference with our kids from when I was a child, the candy mysteriously disappears in our house after about a week ;)

    I love you blog! Keep it up.

    • ErinMyles says

      Thanks Lisa…I agree, I think because it’s only one night a year, letting our kids partake isn’t the worst thing. I’m going to ruin my kids anyways so why not let them enjoy some candy during the process :)

  2. Denise says

    Hey Erin – sorry, just catching up on your blog while I listen to Brian’s internet radio show (sorry – I’m a little late to the game), but I had to comment. My memories of trick or treating were around the mid-70’s to early 80’s. I remember my mom would stay home to hand out candy and my dad would take my brothers and I out. My dad would have the flashlight and a cool chain around his neck that had a leather cuff that held a glass. A glass of what you may ask? Possibly wine, most likely, Gin & Tonic or Scotch (gotta keep warm on those chilly So. Cal October nights!). He happily took us around the neighborhood in high spirits. I continued that tradition this year as I headed out to roam the neighborhood with Wes…and my backpack full of beer. :-)

    • ErinMyles says

      Denise…This is AMAZING. This is the kind of stuff that we cannot let go of. Halloween is supposed to be fun and you are one of the few that get that. I also think that you need to market that chain with the leather cuff…you could make millions!!!! xoxo

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