Feedback Friday: The Naked Issue


Nothing says Family Fun like a shower.

Earlier today as I was sorting through a drawer of my son’s pre-school art, I came across an old Valentine’s Day card that he had made for my husband and I.  On the front was your standard, run of the mill hearts & such, but inside was an adorable little message.  His teacher had apparently asked all of the kids “what is your favorite thing to do with your parents?” My son’s answer, which she was compelled to put in writing, was “shower with them”.  

Once again, I had been kicked in the tits by my son’s innocence and I can remember trying desperately to catch my breath while reading it.  At some point, I was able to look his teacher in the eye and calmly say to her “we don’t all shower together” but I’m pretty certain that by the look on her face, the only image she held of our family was that of our communal bathing.  We have since moved on from that school but coming across that little reminder today got me thinking about boundaries and asking the question “at what age does showering with your kids become inappropriate?” I took to the internet in search of answers and of course, found everything from “when the parent or child feels uncomfortable with showering with each other” to a very definitive “three years old is the absolute maximum age in which showering with your children should be allowed unless both parties are wearing underpants.”  Needless to say, I am confused and now curious, to know what your take is on the issue. So without further adieu…

Today’s Open Forum for Feedback:

At what age does showering with, or being naked in front of, your child become inappropriate?


  1. Shelley says

    It’s funny that I don’t remember feeling self conscious around my own kids but Noah is only 2 and I already wonder about this myself. Maybe because my 60 year old body isn’t what it was when I was 30. That is my thing and he probably wouldn’t think twice about seeing me naked. I guess if everyone is comfortable, age is irrelevant.

  2. Lisa says

    My husband and I recently had this conversation, although we continually go back and fourth, we’ll exercise appropriate nudity until the age our kids become uncomfortable with it, while continuously discussing it’s inappropriateness outside of our immediate family

  3. Sarah says

    I remember reading about an age when you should no longer be naked around them stopped at that point. Unfortunately I don’t remember what age that was so I’m no help!

  4. Mel says

    I need to word this correctly…
    Yes I sometimes shower with my kids. I am not embarrassed to be seen naked by my children especially my daughter because I want her to view a confident role model when it comes to her mother.
    As a family we also have a lot of humour based around our bodies and bodily functions like farting. I want my children to be comfortable with their bodies and to never be embarrassed. That being said there is a fine line between rude/ inappropriate talk and education. I think when my children find it strange to see moms bare bum running across the hallway because I forgot my towel after a shower is when I will start to cover up. As for now they seem fine with it.
    Erin I am loving all your very honest blogs. Keep them coming.

    • ErinMyles says

      Thanks Mel! That’s great feedback and I think you’re right on the money! Thank you so much for reading them :)

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