5 to fifteen?

One of those moments that are hard to enjoy.

One of those moments that I find hard to enjoy.

As stated in my very first post, I began writing this blog as an outlet for my my queries, musings and sheer frustration with the parenting process. I decided to call it 5 to fifteen because my mother has always said that kids are at their best between those ages. She promised, in no uncertain terms, that it would get easier and now that my son is well into his fifth year you may be asking, was she right?

To that, I say…well, sort of.

All, is not necessarily, good in my hood, but it is much better. We certainly have more good days than bad, which I absolutely consider a win and over the past few months, I have noticed a slow but significant transition into a more independent, less manic young man, which pleases me to no end.

I admit, that for a while there, I did question if things would ever get easier and now I can say with the utmost of confidence that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I have even found myself counting down the years until both of my kids are over five so that my husband and I can enjoy a little time off. An idea, which now that I think of it, just makes me sad.

I realize as I write this, that being a parent is an odd thing. We all chose to embark on this journey and yet we find ourselves at times, wanting to speed it up. While all of those parents who are on the other side urge us to “enjoy the little kid moments while you can, because you will miss them when they’re gone”, I’ve most likely locked myself in the bathroom and am reciting the serenity prayer. It’s a funny thing because the days can feel so long but looking back, the years seem to have gone by in an instant.

This blog has been my daily reminder of how trying the parenting process has been for me and at the same time has helped me to remember what a gift every tear, every tantrum and every moment really is.

So I guess the point of this is, yes, it does get easier and my mother is thankfully correct, but I think it’s best that I try not to focus on the future, as hard as that may be, and instead be in the moment.  And let’s be honest, my son is only 5 and a half, things could go downhill pretty quickly from here. There is still plenty of time to prove my mother wrong and discover that my pre-emptive purchase of www.thisparentingshitishardatanyage.com, was, and still is, a good investment.



  1. Sarah Z says

    Unfortunately, I think Mom was wrong – your website needs to change to 5-14.75. As experienced this week, 14.75 year olds aren’t so much fun!

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