You Know You’ve Got Little Kids If…

Strapped in and asleep. The only way to travel.

Strapped in and asleep. The only way to travel.

Do any of these sound familiar?  You Know You’ve Got Little Kids If…

You long for the day where you choose a restaurant because of it’s wine list instead of whether or not it has crayons at the hostess stand.

You’ve ever gone for “a little drive” just so that you can get out and see the world with your kids securely fastened in a 5 point harness.

You’ve ever said “That’s so interesting” or “Uh-huh really?” but have no clue what the other person is talking about and have absolutely no intention of finding out.

You’ve ever purposely lost a game of Uno to avoid a meltdown.

You’ve ever yelled at Dora for telling your kids to be “LOUDER!”.

You’ve had to repeat the words “get dressed” more than twenty times in a single hour and you are not a doctor.

You look forward to Monday mornings a little too much.

The only gym you ever go to anymore has a bunch of different swings and serves pizza.

You’ve ever taken a weekend trip to Vegas just so you can get some sleep.

You’ve ever gotten up out of bed and out of habit, put a pillow next to your spouse so that he doesn’t roll off of the bed.

You celebrate a every new episode of Caillou as if your team just won the World Series.

You’ve ever started a sentence with the words “I love my kids but…”


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