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You named him what?!?

Friends of mine just welcomed their first child and adorably named him Hudson after the name of the street on which their first apartment together was located.  If my husband and I had done the same, our kids would sadly be named Burbank and Hazeltine Sussman. Instead, we named our son ‘Nate’, after the lead character from the HBO series “Six Feet Under”. During my pregnancy, we were binge watching the show and fell in love with Peter Kraus’ character because he was such a good guy, the kind of guy we would want our son to grow up to be like.

From what I understand and according to many other blogs, there has been an explosion of tv inspired baby names over the past few years, which frankly, doesn’t surprise me.  Between all of the great shows on network tv, cable and now streaming, expectant parents are bound to name their offspring after today’s tv heroes in the same way that our parents named us after characters from Dallas and General Hospital. But reading all of the lists of trendy tv baby names, some of which include Crosby and Arya, got me thinking about what tv names I would avoid if I were to do it all again. So I made my own list.

10 Not-So-Trendy Tv Baby Names:

1.  Joffrey (Game of Thrones): No explanation necessary, this name is synonymous with a short but vile reign and a constant reminder of how incest never ends well.

2.  Walter (Breaking Bad):  For about the first 5 minutes of the show, this name was neither here nor there for me, but now I cannot say it without seeing a very bad man in his underpants.

3.  Dexter (Dexter):  Sure he had a respectable job with the Miami PD, but at the end of the day, he was still a creepy killer with a A/C return full of blood slides.  Not a guy you want to name your baby after.

4.  Frank (House of Cards or Shameless):  A rich asshole or a drunk asshole take your pick, either way it’s a terrible choice for a baby.

5.  Samantha (Sex & the City):  Sex Addict.

6.  Hank (Californication): Sex Addict.

7.  Buster (Arrested Development):  If you want your son to be known as a ‘Mother-Boy’ then go ahead and name him this.

8.  Jonah (Veep): Total douchebag name.

9.  Hannah (Girls):  Self-centered with a side of crazy.

10.  Crazy Eyes (Orange Is the New Black): Obviously just a horrible baby name.

Have any more?  Feel free to add your picks to the list.


  1. Shelley says

    When I was at the maternity ward recently, I asked the mother what her baby girls name was and she replied Nevaeh….I said, “oh what an interesting name. How do you spell it”? She replied, “I don’t know…it’s heaven backward”. Needless to say it was all I could do not to crack up!

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