‘Till Death


Is it just me or does his hand seem a bit too comfortable there on my neck?

Just shortly after our son was born, my husband and I did the responsible thing and both purchased life insurance policies.  A necessity for anyone with dependents, the purpose of life insurance is to ensure that your children will be financially taken care of in the event that the unthinkable happens. To me, the very idea of buying, let alone cashing in, a life insurance policy is devasting but everyone we spoke to all said the same thing.  Take care of it now, so that you never have to think about it again.  So we did just that.  We called our guy and after a barrage of questionnaires and medical exams, we were insured and ready to move on with our lives.  Of course the exact opposite occurred, I found it hard not to think about it once I knew there was a price on my head.

I admittedly watch too much Dateline and as a result, am all too aware of the fact that acquiring life insurance exponentially increases the likelihood of an “accidental” drowning.  My husband, who is just one Sunday afternoon of lazy football watching away from his own “accidental” drowning, loves to joke and offers to take me on a private boat trip or to the top of Mount Baldy hiking.  He thinks it’s hilarious but I know this kind of shit happens all of the time and I’m not going to take any chances.

So in an effort to continue enjoying my existence, I took the liberty of re-writing our vows.  Instead of promising to love one another, ’till death do us part, we vowed to leave one another, if either of us feel the need to have death part us.  The verbiage may need some work but trust me, the premise is sound.  Life is tough and having kids doesn’t make it any easier.  My husband and I have agreed on full disclosure when it comes to our feelings for each other. We are just now starting to have some really healthy communication and because of that,  I can finally enjoy the view from a mountain top without the worry of being thrown off of it.


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