Little Kids, Long Weekend

Boats 1For those of you who are celebrating the discovery of the New World by staying at home with the little ones, I took the liberty of putting together a small pictorial of our family’s favorite tv free activities, in the event that you discover that this long weekend, is starting to live up to it’s name.  I cannot guarantee that these activities will keep your kids happy for any significant amount of time, however, they may help create the illusion of above average parenting on an otherwise painful Monday.

Activity One:  The Obligatory Obstacle Course.

Obstacle Course 2

We generally like to start our day off with a little physical challenge. A feeble attempt to drain energy so that I can later, spend at least 15 minutes in a seated position.  The homemade obstacle course is ideal because you can use virtually anything you have around the house and it can be tailored to the age and skill level of your children.  My children believe they are Ninja Warriors and our obstacle course reflects that.

Activity Two:  The Crappy Craft.





Let’s be honest, the only reason to make a craft is to, as mentioned above, allow for 15 minutes in a seated position. In our house, we like to use our guilty drive-thru trash as the raw materials.  After our daily trip to Starbucks, we have an abundance of white chocolate mocha cups that just beg to be made into adorable little birds.  This particular craft keeps my kids busy while effectively destroying any evidence.  Unfortunately, no amount of paint or feathers could hide my growing coffee cake ass.

Activity Three:  Columbus Day Cupcakes.

Boats 2

Even though Columbus day isn’t a holiday typically known for food, I like to bake so that when I’ve locked myself in my bathroom at around 4pm I have a little something delicious to nibble on.  These adorable little Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria ship cupcakes help get both myself and my kids through those painful few hours just before dinner.

Activity Four: The Build Your Own Fort.

The Fort

Okay so I kind of just phoned this one in…It’s really just a way for me to get my kids to play under a blanket so that I can check my email and troll the internet with minimal guilt.  They can’t ALL be winners.

Activity Five:   Sardines.


A variation of the classic Hide & Seek, Sardines is played the same way except all of those hiding must find a spot together.  This is a great way for even the littlest of kids to get in on the fun without the separation anxiety.

So there you have it, a handful of ideas to get you through this long weekend and the 27 other long weekends you will have to endure before the year is through.  Good luck and Happy Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving!


    • ErinMyles says

      Ha! Does buying cupcakes from the market and then decorating them with the sprinkles and boats count? Then yes, I bake. :P

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